Friday, October 22, 2010

Score Keeper

Score Keeper is for when you need two counters simultaneously.  We watch a lot of soccer games where no official score is kept.  Part of the idea for this application is that it is nice to have a simple way to keep track of scores. 

You can change the names of the teams (or counted objects):
 The counting is simple.  To go up, click the number.  To go down, just press the number for longer.  (More than a second.)  To change the team names, just click on them and type the new name.  Then press enter to store it.  Team names and numbers will be remembered when you leave.  Just push reset (for more than a second) and type in new names to start a new game.

Here's the icon:


  1. Would love a four team version of this counter. That way could use it when people come over to play table tennis. Each game won by any player could be tracked and at the end of the day the person with the most points would win. Any possiblilty of you adding two more teams or players to this really great scoring app?

  2. That's a fun idea. I'll put one together.

  3. Hi Doug...
    I love your score keeper...What's the chance of you releasing the source code?
    I would love to add a timer where you can either select a one, two or three minute timer for example...the timer would would not have would have start, stop (pause), resume and set...What do you think...? Would you be willing to make this for me or release your source code say via 'dropbox' ? Please call me if you would like to discuss further...? Welldone on your app. Many thank...Rik Lymer( Tel: +44(0)7908917097. Ps. I live in London, UK