Friday, October 22, 2010

Score Keeper

Score Keeper is for when you need two counters simultaneously.  We watch a lot of soccer games where no official score is kept.  Part of the idea for this application is that it is nice to have a simple way to keep track of scores. 

You can change the names of the teams (or counted objects):
 The counting is simple.  To go up, click the number.  To go down, just press the number for longer.  (More than a second.)  To change the team names, just click on them and type the new name.  Then press enter to store it.  Team names and numbers will be remembered when you leave.  Just push reset (for more than a second) and type in new names to start a new game.

Here's the icon:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Doug's dead simple counter

Sometimes you need to count something, but you don't want to pay full attention to it and you lose track. The goal of this application is to be the simplest most mistake-proof counter possible.

  • Click the screen to count up by one.
    • The background color will change,
    • The number will increase by one, and
    • You will hear a confirming click sound.
  • If the screen was pressed by accident or if a count needs to be canceled, you can count backwards by "long-clicking" the screen.  That is, you just click like usual, but you hold the click for a second or more.
    • The color changes back,
    • The number decreases by one, and
    • You hear a different click sound (a lower pitched but similar click)
  • To restart the count, just "long-click" the restart button.
    • The number goes to zero,
    • The background goes to black,
    • You hear a click that is yet lower than the other.
The main surprise that I had with this counter is that it's fun.  I let my kids try it out and they counted up to over 2000.  I've been trying to explain it to myself and my best guess is that they found the sound and the color change rewarding and also felt accomplishment as the number increased.  Then again, maybe they just did it because they love me!  I'll be interested to hear if other children do the same thing with this app.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's do this.

The purpose of this blog is to provide support for Android applications.

A blog seems like a nice way to go because it makes for a quick website and it opens up an easy channel for dialog for anyone who wants to give feedback or make requests. Here goes!